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At Launch Yeti, we know what it takes to get products and services in the customer's hands fast. Our powerful combination of genAI tools and human expertise quickly design go-to-market and launch strategies that bring in the bucks and lay the path for market leadership. Our CMO services and implementation partners share a sense of urgency and execute with precision, leaving nothing to chance. From initial product launches, product positioning, and messaging to sales enablement, campaigns, and content development, we handle it all so you can focus on what you do best.

RFHI + genAI

Position Your Product for Success

  • Create buzz around a new product and generate demand.
  • Boost pricing power and unlock revenue streams.
  • Create barriers for sustained growth.
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Attract and Convert Leads, Faster

  • Tease out customer pain points and craft messaging that motivates your target audiences.
  • Create demand-gen and account-based marketing campaigns that fill the funnel.
  • Develop engaging and creative marketing content that builds thought leadership.
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Turbocharge Your Sales Cycle

  • Generate the right leads, faster, instead of throwing darts.
  • Add value at every touchpoint with differentiated and value-based selling assets.
  • Demonstrate expertise and differentiation against your competitors.
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Denise Court is one of the most talented and capable marketing executives in the technology business. Her success spans all sectors of the industry and at every stage. She particularly shines when a company is at that confusing time—when it has a great vision dying to get out to the world, but needs the messaging and execution to make it real.
Mike Maples
Floodgate L.P.
Denise Court provided tremendous help with developing new positioning and messaging for our company. Denise is not making it up as she goes along: She has a proprietary strategy and step-by-step process to get from ‘we’re not 100% sure how to address our market’ to ‘we’re spot-on and reaching our target audiences.’ That structure was invaluable for the collaboration between Denise and our internal team. Denise is a real dynamo who gets the job done while making the process enjoyable.
Denny LeCompte
CEO Portnox
Denise’s tested and proven Everest framework works wonders for companies and her marketing experience and expertise really helps get these companies on the right track. She works smart and fast, developing and bringing to life key positioning -- often in just six weeks! Denise understands how to tease out the product advantages, messaging, and website design and copy that delivers early market traction and a competitive advantage.
Jay Hallberg
Former GM Shasta Ventures
CEO Velocity Engine

Unleash Your product’s Full Potential And Let it Roar

Winning positioning, great narrative, strategic product launches, market strikes and revenue-producing campaigns come together with genAI to give tech companies the foothold they need to be heard over the noise and generate revenue, fast.