Launch Yeti steers companies on an upward trek.

Ever wonder why some marketing campaigns fail to deliver leads, branding misses the mark, sales teams can’t close deals, or PR efforts fizzle?

It’s because most marketing skips over the importance of solid positioning. Without solid positioning, your stories won’t land. And if your stories won’t land, you can’t grab the market’s attention.

So tech companies miss their numbers, demand generation fails to produce the right leads, and there’s no chance to convince customers to choose you over the competition.

Your Peak
Tech Companies Need:

real marketing expertise and extra arms and legs

Super-Precise Strategy

Launch Yeti understands trends in the market, how to uncover gaps and opportunities in that market, and our proprietary frameworks zero in on unique positioning that enables companies and products to win.

Move-The-Needle Services

Launch Yeti proprietary strategies and frameworks bring your story to life -- and our weaponry and content development services target your ideal prospects, converting them to loyal customers.

Battle-Scarred Experience & Breadth

Launch Yeti’s deep, nuanced market understanding, and experience accelerates go-to-market actions for both venture-funded and private equity organizations -- in “seed stage” and beyond.

Tech Companies Need:

to score a direct hit on their customers, competition and market.

Razor-Sharp Market Knowledge

Launch Yeti makes it our business to understand the market gaps, how to navigate what the market needs, and how to outmaneuver your competition.

Nitty-Gritty Product Knowledge

Launch Yeti makes it our business to understand your product’s advantages and benefits inside out.

Crystal-Clear Customer Knowledge

Launch Yeti makes it our business to understand who your ideal customer is,  and why they value your product’s advantages.

Tech Companies Need:

A MArketing PArtner That shares their sense of urgency and desire to win.

Game-Changing Action

Launch Yeti knows that companies have a window of opportunity and we make sure you don’t miss it -- executing plans of attack that position you to explode on the market, fast. (That’s why we’re not for everyone – we require your full attention.)

In-The-Trenches Commitment

Launch Yeti becomes part of your team. We never leave you in the inexperienced hands of a junior account manager. Founder Denise Court leads each and every client engagement from start to finish -- and she and her team put their hearts into every aspect of the work.

a Trailblazing
New Model

Launch Yeti is different: nimble, responsive, and 100% remote, tapping into a network of brilliant professional contractors who make it their business to understand what you want to achieve -- and we’ll move heaven and earth to help get you there.


Prepare to climb to market dominance.

Launch Yeti is a different kind of market strategy, product marketing, and marketing communications consultancy.

We focus exclusively on the beating heart of effective marketing: winning positioning, great narratives that bring it to life, and strategic marketing strikes that prove you’re the real deal.

Be Aggressive,
Be Be Aggressive,
“Denise’s tested and proven Everest framework works wonders for companies and her marketing experience and expertise really helps get these companies on the right track. She works smart and fast, developing and bringing to life key positioning -- often in just six weeks! Denise understands how to tease out the product advantages, messaging, and website design and copy that delivers early market traction and a competitive advantage.”
Jay Hallberg
GM Shasta Ventures
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Prepare to Climb to Market Dominance

Winning positioning, great narrative, and strategic market strikes come together to give tech companies the foothold they need to be heard over the noise -- and ascend the market’s mountain.