Every company has an Everest to climb.

Business is an upward journey. Launch Yeti is your company’s committed climbing partner.

Launch Yeti was founded based on years of experience working with tech companies and recognizing the milestones they must reach to conquer the market.
Tech companies need to score a direct hit -- on their customers, competition and market. The must gain the foothold they need to be heard over the noise -- and ascend the market’s mountain.

You’ll either climb that slope or slip down it. The difference is Launch Yeti.

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Founder Denise Court

I’m Denise Court, founder of Launch Yeti. I’m a senior-level marketing executive with over 20 years in technology marketing and sales for early and growth-stage startups -- and I’ve got the battle scars to prove it.

Having launched 14 tech companies and taken them through rounds of successful funding (including two IPOs and three acquisition exits), I am unlike most marketing executives in that I am as adept at strategy as I am execution. I’m aggressive, passionate, and I put my heart into everything I do.

I also believe in paying it forward and have served as a mentor at the Capital Factory, TechStars, RealCo Accelerator and Longhorn Startup.
Companies in the “seed to C” financing stages need sound strategic counsel, as well as a seasoned marketer who can run critical, day-to-day tactical executions that move the needle. I take pride in offering visionary leadership while always remaining a team player.

I created Launch Yeti to share my proven formula for success with companies who want to win. I lead each and every client engagement from start to finish. I’ll never leave you hanging.

Stacy Williams

Stacy Williams has a 30-year track record working with high-technology, climate, and investment companies to develop marketing, positioning, and communications strategies.

A Stanford grad (Phi Beta Kappa) in Technology, Science, and Society, she specializes in strategy and content marketing for large and small companies such as Adobe, Anthropocene Institute, Bain Capital, Chargebee, Google, Piva Capital, Slack, Stytch, and WIND Ventures. During the Reagan administration, she worked at the National Security Agency as a Russian linguist, transcriber, and analyst and was awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

About the
Denise is the queen of marketing! Defining product-market fit as a start-up CEO felt overwhelming before I met Denise. She helped us understand how to define a go-to-market strategy, allowing us to drive our product direction. This new clarity not only assisted us in growing the company but allowed us to raise outside capital because growth was well defined. Denise is a valuable asset to any company!
Amanda Ducach
CEO of SocialMama
"Denise helped us create a new category, identify our problem/market fit, ideal customers, and product advantages. I was impressed with her ability to grasp the vision quickly, understand technical concepts and translate these into solid positioning, messaging, and customer-relevant benefits. Denise's multi-disciplinary marketing expertise gave us what we needed to execute our plan of attack and put us on the path to product/market fit."
Edward Sullivan
Founder & CEO, Trust Exchange
"Denise Court of Launch Yeti provided tremendous help with developing new positioning and messaging for our startup. Denise is not making it up as she goes along: She has a proprietary strategy and step-by-step process, the Everest Framework, to get from ‘we’re not 100% sure how to address our market’ to ‘we’re spot-on and reaching our target audiences.’ That structure was invaluable for the collaboration between Denise and our internal team. Denise is a real dynamo who gets the job done while making the process enjoyable."
Denny LeCompte
CEO, Portnox
“Denise’s tested and proven Everest framework works wonders for companies and her marketing experience and expertise really helps get these companies on the right track. She works smart and fast, developing and bringing to life key positioning -- often in just six weeks! Denise understands how to tease out the product advantages, messaging, and website design and copy that delivers early market traction and a competitive advantage.”
Jay Hallberg
GM Shasta Ventures
"Denise Court is one of the most talented and capable marketing executives in the technology business. Her success spans all sectors of the industry and at every stage. She particularly shines when a company is at that confusing time—when it has a great vision dying to get out to the world, but needs the messaging and execution to make it real."
Mike Maples Jr.
Floodgate Fund, LP
"Court is one of the trusted go-to marketing leaders in Austin that specifically understands the marketing challenges tech start-ups face. She has the unique ability to provide strategic council, while understanding the nuances of day-to-day execution. She is both a visionary leader and diligent team player who gets it done. "
Chris Pacitti
Founder and Partner, Elsewhere Partners
"Denise assembled an international team to re-launch Hasty after closing our funding, leading the GTM efforts at a critical time for our company. Her expertise proved invaluable to us. Not only was she able to organize the development and execution of the Hasty messaging and positioning, value props, brand story, and complete website update. She did it all against very tight deadlines. Denise puts so much heart into everything she does - sometimes more than even us founders! I commend her strong work ethic. It was such a pleasure to work with Denise".
Tristan Rouillard
Founder and CEO, Hasty.ai
"We just weren’t getting the results promised from our marketing agency. They seemed to be applying a one-size-fits-all approach to our positioning and brand strategy -- giving us basically the same generic deliverables they gave every other company. Long story short: our GTM and brand completely missed the mark. Denise came in and saved the day for us. She corrected our strategies and built out differentiated positioning, supporting messaging, and a precise brand direction. Everything was relevant and very specific to our target customers. Denise is like the fixer, Winston Wolfe, in the movie Pulp Fiction. She was a model of efficiency under pressure — a no-nonsense performer who got the job done with style. The result of working with Denise was selling more Dash Wagons to happy customers."
Eric Churilla
Co-founder and CEO, Dash Wagon
"Denise's vast knowledge of product and marketing in the start up space would be hard pressed to find outside of Full Court Marketing. Her ability to mentor, teach, and lead the way left me with new skills, new confidence, and a ‘level up’ in my business game. It's unusual to find a true mentor who carries an authentic passion to mentor and leave those around her better people along the way."
Erica McMannes
COO, Co-Founder Instant Teams
"Denise Court is a mastermind of marketing. She has taught me so much about the big picture of marketing—and life—as a client, a partner, and a mentor. Denise has the rare ability to connect high-level strategy with the people and tactics needed to drive results. She possesses a deep understanding of technology and how it has evolved that brings insight and context to every campaign, coupled with a modern approach to testing and iterating on everything."
Kari Hernandez
President, INK PR
After launching a pivotal product, we realized our brand narrative and positioning required a massive overhaul. Components of our story existed but we struggled to bring everything together cohesively, compellingly and in a way that addressed our target customer. In a very short period of time, Denise organized our cross-functional team, developed our strategy and ultimately executed on our new positioning, brand narrative, sales kits and category definition. Her Everest framework is a secret weapon that yields both quality and efficiency. When she says she considers herself an extension of your team, she means it - Denise is a true partner who puts her entire self into her work. She’s a force to be reckoned with and we adored working with her.
Chloe Stewart
CCO, Brandcast
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Launch Yeti

Denise Court helms Team Launch Yeti, a group of like-minded professionals committed to excellence and crushing bad marketing.  

Launch Yeti is a different kind of marketing consultancy: passionate, responsive, and 100% remote, tapping into a network of brilliant professional contractors with decades of experience. Together, we make it our business to understand what you want to achieve and we’ll move heaven and earth to help get you there.

Team Launch Yeti is fierce about getting into the trenches and becoming part of your company. We share your sense of urgency to desire to win -- and we put our hearts into every aspect of our work. Count on us to make the trek with you.


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