Dash Wagon

Learn How a New Category and the Right Positioning Increased Product Sales

What We Did

  • Transitioned them from a product brand to a lifestyle brand
  • Upleveled their positioning and narrative
  • Created an innovative new product category: the “cross over”
  • Launched a new logo, brand, and website 
  • Developed buyer personas and a buyers guide
  • Developed and deployed an optimized go-to market strategy 

How We Did It

  • Worked together with the co-founders to execute our Everest frameworks and identify their target audience and dial in their product’s unique advantages 
  • Developed winning positioning and great narratives designed to connect and engage with their ideal customers
  • Identified the right conversion strategies to drive more engagement and sales while setting them on the path to product-market fit.


Prior to seeking help from Launch Yeti, Dash Wagon worked with a marketing agency that failed to deliver results. The agency over-promised and under-delivered -- completely missing the mark on the product company’s brand and positioning strategy. Dash Wagon didn’t have the experience or expertise needed to successfully manage an outside agency. With the wrong positioning and messaging, and without a brand look-and-feel that would engage with their ideal customers, Dash Wagon’s sales were zilch.


Develop winning positioning

Dash Wagon had an innovative offering but lackluster sales. After their marketing agency fell short, Launch Yeti took the reins, starting with studying their product to understand its unique features and benefits. We then analyzed the market, dialed in their ideal customer personas, and identified a new category: the “cross-over” product, extending the use of rear-facing car seats to a complete transportation system. Using this research, we repositioned Dash Wagon from a product company to a lifestyle brand. 

Craft great narratives 

Next, we developed a great story around their new category and retooled positioning. We developed the right messaginging, tone, and voice to appeal to their audience: active, on-the-go parents. We executed a messaging architecture designed to connect and engage with this audience, creating a narrative relevant to their pain, problems, and priorities. We rebranded their website with a new logo and visual design system to support the new positioning. We transformed Dash Wagon into a lifestyle brand, poised to build a devoted following of fitness-minded new parents.

Optimize GTM strategy for maximum conversions

With their rebrand, repositioning, and new messaging in place, we created a market strategy to drive higher conversions and increase sales. We deployed a content marketing strategy that enabled Dash Wagon to engage with target customers around “buyer life moments” to support the lifestyle brand. We optimized the website for conversion with embedded assets to track visitor journeys and help move buyers to purchase faster. We created a detailed new conversion funnel with metrics to measure results.


After a disappointing experience with a marketing agency whose work failed to deliver results, Dash Wagon needed to change course. In just a few weeks, Launch Yeti successfully transformed the product company into an exciting lifestyle brand, connecting their offering directly to their target audience’s needs. 

Launch Yeti operated like a CMO, becoming part of the company and taking their goals to heart. We differentiated Dash Wagon from its competitors and created new positioning to capture the market. We created a great narrative to bring the winning positioning to life. The new brand -- including a new logo, visual system, and website -- resonates with audiences, drives engagement, and enables the creation of an active community of followers. We architected the website to overcome buyer objections and move buyers to purchase more quickly. We developed a detailed market strategy designed to drive higher conversions and track progress. 

Early results show a 50% increase in product sales. Launch Yeti helped Dash Wagon stop wandering and start climbing. 

"We just weren’t getting the results promised from our marketing agency. They seemed to be applying a one-size-fits-all approach to our positioning and brand strategy -- giving us basically the same generic deliverables they gave every other company. Long story short: our GTM and brand completely missed the mark. Denise came in and saved the day for us. She corrected our strategies and built out differentiated positioning, supporting messaging, and a precise brand direction. Everything was relevant and very specific to our target customers. Denise is like the fixer, Winston Wolfe, in the movie Pulp Fiction. She was a model of efficiency under pressure — a no-nonsense performer who got the job done with style. The result of working with Denise was selling more Dash Wagons to happy customers."
Eric Churilla
Co-founder and CEO, Dash Wagon

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