Discover How We Relaunched this AI Start-up to Ignite Awareness and Position the Company for Market Leadership

What We Did

  • Upleveled their positioning to differentiate them in a crowded and competitive market
  • Dialed in their product’s advantages and mapped value propositions to their ideal customer’s needs and pain points 
  • Developed an entirely new narrative based on the upleveled positioning
  • Upleveled their brand and visual design system and developed new logo and mascot
  • Amplified their messaging with a completely new website
  • Completed all work within six weeks 

How We Did It

  • Worked together with their team to execute our Everest frameworks and home in on their product’s unique advantages and ideal customers
  • Developed winning positioning and great narratives designed to connect with and engage their ideal customers
  • Grabbed the attention of key press and customers with carefully planned actions tied to their funding announcement


Hasty is a group of smart computer vision AI engineers, developers, and business specialists with a great product. A scrappy startup, they lacked the marketing expertise and experience to position their company for market leadership and build out their go-to-market strategy and plans. Hasty came to us after receiving a significant round of seed funding from a prestigious VC firm. Before announcing that investment, they wanted to be prepared to seize the opportunity. This was a chance to gain credibility and ignite significant market and audience awareness at a critical stage of their company’s growth. Hasty had a limited window of opportunity to uplevel their positioning, tell and amplify their story, and build a new brand. They needed the right approach, executed on an accelerated time frame: within six weeks.


Develop winning positioning

Hasty stood at the precipice of growth. We dove into their product to understand its benefits and interviewed customers to represent their perspective. We then analyzed their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to uncover more opportunities for differentiation. Using this research, we upleveled their positioning to differentiate them in a noisy market and lift them to the next level. 

Craft great narratives 

We took that new positioning and crafted a great story around it. This narrative piqued the interest of customers and the market by articulating a clear point of view on why customers need Hasty’s solution. We developed the right messaging, tone, and voice to appeal to their audience: data scientists, machine learning engineers and researchers. We executed a messaging architecture designed to connect and engage with engineers who will use and enjoy Hasty’s product by making it relevant to their pain, problems, and priorities. We developed a complete framework containing key components of the Hasty narrative for use across the organization, empowering people to tell the story clearly and consistently.

Relaunch their company at maximum speed

With a complete rebrand, a new logo and website, and winning positioning and messaging in place, we executed a carefully timed market strike to amplify their story and bring their positioning to life. Our market strike grabbed market attention and made an impact on influencers, the media, and customers. We operationalized the marketing strike by assembling a team and internal and external resources and energizing them with clear goals, strategies, and metrics. Everyone knew how to take action as a team. That’s how and why we achieved success in just six weeks.

After relaunch, we didn’t leave them hanging. We developed their 30-60-90 go-to-market strategy: goals, strategy, and plans including funnel strategy and metrics, digital marketing, community strategy and program, campaign development, and content marketing strategy.

And we built out their marketing "ministry of truth": marketing how-tos and plans for execution to enable their new hires to execute marketing strategies and plans with precision and speed. 


Prior to announcing a new round of funding, Hasty wanted to better position their company for early market leadership. With Launch Yeti, they got that and more -- in just six weeks. 

We galvanized their team behind new positioning and messaging and enabled them to penetrate chosen markets at maximum speed. We upleveled Hasty’s brand and visual design system with the development of a new logo, color pallet, typeface, color scheme, and tagline. We delivered evidence of Hasty’s value for engineers with quotes and endorsements and helped drive brand engagement with the community.  We honed their acquisition strategy and pricing structure and set them on the right path to product-market fit. 

Our market strikes grabbed market and customer attention and generated valuable buzz. Hasty got great pickup and press, including exposure in VentureBeat magazine and other industry publications. Traffic increased to their website by 60-70% -- thereby increasing awareness of their company and product. Launch Yeti helped position Hasty as the next-generation annotation tool built by and for engineers -- and put them on the right path to climb their Everest.

"Denise assembled an international team to re-launch Hasty after closing our funding, leading the GTM efforts at a critical time for our company. Her expertise proved invaluable to us. Not only was she able to organize the development and execution of the Hasty messaging and positioning, value props, brand story, and complete website update. She did it all against very tight deadlines. Denise puts so much heart into everything she does - sometimes more than even us founders! I commend her strong work ethic. It was such a pleasure to work with Denise".
Tristan Rouillard
Founder and CEO, Hasty.ai

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